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If you are within your 30-day free trial period and do not wish to continue services, you are entitled to terminate your membership for any reason by sending an email informing us of your intention to terminate membership.

If you are not within your 30-day free trial period - All AGENT 1 membership plans have an initial 1-year term and cannot be terminated outside of the first 30 days (the free trial period). Once your year-long membership has ended, you may purchase services for an additional year or terminate your membership.

Upon termination, you will be removed from any groups, memberships, or affiliate membership plans (such as any referral service partners) until you have re-enrolled in a new AGENT 1 membership plan. 

If you have signed up for a plan does allow for termination at any time, you will be able to navigate to the My Subscriptions page in your profile.

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Empowering agents to exceed their goals and expectations

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* Membership starts at $49/Mo.

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