Business Strategy Sprint (Startup / Sell / Scale)

Startup, Sell, Scale is an intensive 3-in-1  program (Consulting, Sales, & Coaching) designed to take your business to new heights. 


These calls will be held by senior staff members who will take you through an in-depth audit or analysis of your individual business plan, operational process, client acquisition and growth strategies, technology integrations, and more.


Ideal for managers or broker and agents with large-scale growth objectives.


You will be required to provide your questions regarding business strategy and operations in advance of the call.


Each session is broken into sprints of intensive coaching, consulting, and training. 



  • Mission / Vision
  • Business Planning
  • Business Basics
  • Strategic Planning
  • Pitch Prep
  • SOI Outreach
  • Validation



  • Prospecting
  • Broad Outreach
  • Qualification
  • Market Mastry
  • Crafting KPIs / OKRs
  • Defining Roles
  • Go To Market



  • Define Operational Functions
  • Software Implementation
  • Data Learning
  • Outsourcing / Selecting Vendors
  • Optimization
  • Best Practices
  • Independence

Business Strategy Sprint (Startup / Sell / Scale)

Price Options
7 Week Sprint
$400.00weekly/ 7 weeks
  • Be prepared to look at your business through the mindset of an entreprenuer, psychologist, and sales tactician. 

    Introduce yourself to business, marketing, and sales process flows and technology integrations that you never thought possible. 


"Excellent source, knowledgeable, intelligent, and talented!"

Laura is brilliant and her approach is super effective. She is skilled at tailoring sessions to specific needs as well as ensuring industry relevance. Laura delivers a passionate, empowering message that drives action and results. Her coaching has made a significant difference in my new business close rate and my overall approach to leadership and client service.

Wendy Z.

Agent, Huntington Beach

Awesome training today on all of the new broker tools, with all-time great Michael Ehrlich! This team is hot, up to date, and gets you excited! Thanks, Laura and Mike- looking forward to 2.0!

Stephanie J.

Agent, Los Angeles

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