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Seller prospecting


Leverage our done-for-you outreach machine. Grow your business.

* we understand the urgency of these requests and appreciate your patience while we address inquiries


at Massive Scale

Introducing the most effective prospecting strategy on the planet...



We build prospect lists extremely targeted to your business


We execute and manage your prospecting campaigns


You engage in conversations with highly qualified buyers and sellers

What if you could generate highly qualified leads at a fraction of the cost…
and not have to lift a finger?

Smart Outreach (Lead Gen 3.0) Pricing:

AGENT 1 Members


($350 / Campaign)

Non-AGENT 1 Members


($586 / Campaign)

70% Savings

Other companies charge up to $700/Mo. just to get your first lead. We’re so sure of what we do that we split the costs with you, so you won’t find a lower price anywhere else. We guarantee it. 

Package Includes:

Smart targeted address list
(350 "Likely Movers")

Scrubbed & validated contact info
(email, phone, and cell when possible)

Custom-tailored messaging campaigns
(5 campaigns to choose from)

Done-for-you outreach
(We handle everything)

Automated follow-up
(For non-responsive prospects)

Untitled design (5).png

Additional support (AGENT 1)

  • Proven phone scripts

  • Follow-up email templates

  • Data-driven infographics

  • $250+ of Canva Templates

  • Live weekly coaching

  • Phone support


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