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Webinar Recap: 3 Secrets To Finding Your Next 10 Sellers In The Next 30 Days...

If you’re looking to find a way to grow your business and build a more predictable pipeline of buyers and sellers, then you’ve definitely come to the right place.

In real estate, creating a high-quality lead gen strategy is critical to the success of any agent, team, or broker. However, building one that doesn't cost tens of thousands of dollars each month or takes hours of cold-calling each day isn’t easy.

In our recent webinar - Three Secrets To Finding Your Next 10 Sellers

In The Next 30 Days... Or Less - we revealed three of the most effective BUSINESS GENERATING strategies 👇 that have been responsible for $100's of thousands in commissions and have turned around agents' careers.

Key takeaways

1- How to find clients without annoying your sphere, running expensive ads, or cold calling 🕵️‍♂️

Working your sphere is great advice if you have a sphere that's ready to buy or sell. But, for most agents, they're just not ready and we don't want to constantly solicit them.

Just because you got your real estate license doesn’t mean that your sphere is ready to buy or sell a home...

The key to creating a massive sphere is to use high-quality, low-cost, proven resources, that will continually grow your top-of-funnel with qualified buyers and sellers.

Resources like Google My Business and custom infographics - when used in the right way - can ensure that you are continually building your sphere and engaging with them in the right way so that you're always generating leads, even while you're asleep or out with clients.

Once you've got a few buyers and sellers in your funnel, providing relevant content that doesn't feel salesy is the most important thing you can do, so they don't feel like they're being harassed.

TIP: 65% of buyers are visual learners — meaning they absorb the most information when they look at an image, graphic, or video!

2 - How you can leverage one client to find 10 more (The 1 → 11 method)

It's a proven fact that most agents don't use their existing leads to their full potential. Leveraging one buyer's criteria can yield hundreds, if not thousands, of prospects, that WILL convert with the right messaging. We've seen this time and time again.

Statistics show (and we've put them to the test) that it takes only 20 conversations to find a buyer and just 5 conversations with homeowners to find someone who will be a seller within the next year!

3 - How to automate the entire process to free your time and scale your business 🚀🚀🚀

After visiting how to increase your top of funnel digitally, how to engage those leads with relevant marketing, and walking through ways to leverage those leads through the 1 --> 11 method, we laid out some of the most effective strategies for client acquisition.

While these things may not seem like rocket science, they can start to feel like it once you decide to automate everything.

From fine-tuning your digital profile to grab top-of-funnel leads, to leveraging those leads to build targeted criteria, identify the individuals that own those homes, to sleuthing through sites for contact information, and then creating outreach funnels, each of these activities alone can take hours.

The good news is that in a post-internet era, what used to take days can now be done in just a manner of seconds. And, that's what this webinar is all about... exploring the most effective sales and marketing strategies and then automating them, so that you can free yourself of lead gen strategies that take too long, are too hard, and cost way too much money.

If you had to drop early, you can still watch the replay of the webinar here!

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