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How Jess Saved 4 Hours Each Day Prospecting with AGENT 1

Jessica Jones in 4

  • Second-year Real Estate Agent in Katy Texas

  • Mother of two and two huskies

  • First career was working retail

  • Has been able to use AGENT 1 to grow her business by over 50%

Before AGENT 1:

  • Would spend 4 hours a day on lead generation

  • Constantly stressed trying to fill her pipeline with her next deal

  • Was targeting $80k / year

  • Difficult to make time for family or herself

After AGENT 1:

  • Was able to generate over 50 qualified leads in 10 days

  • Has access to tools and methods that reliably bring her revenue month after month

  • On track to make over $135k / year

  • Able to spend more time with her family and herself

“I’m making more money now than I did before, I have more time now for my family, I don’t need to stress as much about worrying where my next listing is going to come from”

Check out the entire interview below:

What do you love about real estate?

First off, I loved being able to make my own hours which meant I could schedule my time to be flexible for my family. And of course, being able to help people through one of the most important decisions of their lives has been really fulfilling. But there were certainly some new challenges, chief among them being how long and frustrating lead generation could be.

What was your experience when you first switched careers?

To say that I was spread thin would be an understatement: I take care of my kids all the time (and if you’ve been living through the same Covid I have you know that’s already a full-time job as the kids have been one), I am taking care of the house making sure it’s as beautiful as can be, and being a full-time real estate agent. Before AGENT 1, I was spending every morning from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on generating leads on top, which felt like the time I had to put in to actually be able to start doing my real job.

Have you tried to get help for generating leads?

So I tried some lead gen sites like RedX and Trulia (not Zillow since I had a friend who spent around $22,000 on it and barely made more than that). They were fine, certainly less expensive than Zillow, but didn’t really solve my problem which was I was spending a lot of my time mining bad leads to get to the nuggets. For example, with RedX, Out of like 100 names, 52 were just flat-out bad information, then out of what was left, I would maybe get in touch with 13 of them. I don’t know about y’all, but when you go through bad lead after bad lead, you can start feeling bad yourself. Sometimes I’d get a few of those really bad calls where people are just being plain rude for no reason in a row, and I’d just need to take a break, grab some coffee and a granola bar, think about my kids, and reset to try and not get too demoralized.

So how did AGENT 1 Come into the Picture?

I came across the AGENT 1 community through their Facebook group and signed up for a one-on-one session with Michael Ehrlich. I learned so much from them about how to use technology and Google My Business to get people to call me with business instead of the other way around. I started using templates they have in their resource center and increased my engagement on Facebook and Instagram, and I learned how to leverage every single current buyer and seller I had into future opportunities.

So how did they address how “frustrating lead gen could be”?

After I got the hang of it and was really growing my business, they asked if I wanted to be their partner on Lead Gen 3.0. I didn’t know what that was but they explained to me that it was a new lead generation system that they had been developing internally and I gotta say… It worked really well. After talking to them, they put my parameters in, and in 10 days, I got a list of 54 names, all of which were actually owners in my neighborhood. I’ll admit, 3 people weren’t interested in buying or selling, but 51 out of 54 people wanted to either buy or sell a home soon. Once I had that introduction, I got my first listing after 4 phone calls. Outside of family, this was the easiest listing I’ve ever gotten.

What would you say have been the largest benefits of AGENT 1?

Look I can keep going on and on about how much I’ve learned and how much AGENT 1 has changed my life, but here it is; I’m making more money now than I did before, I have more time now for my family, I don’t need to stress as much about worrying where my next listing is going to come from, and I don’t have to fear that the next person I’m talking to doesn’t actually want to talk to me.

That sounds incredible, do you think that you can translate any of that to actual income?

I started this year thinking I had a stretch goal of $100,000, now I’ve already increased my goal to $132,000 and think I’m going to pass that comfortably. I cannot thank and recommend AGENT 1 enough. I know I’m not the only agent to have had this success with Agent One and Lead Gen 3.0, check out other people’s success and stories on the Facebook page if you need more convincing or learn more information on their new Webinar.



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