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3 tips to steamrolling eLead objections...

Last week, we covered ways to clearly communicate your value proposition to an eLead: What do you bring to the table? Why should prospects do business with you rather than your competitors? How do you make your “WHY?” crystal clear from the outset? And how do you do it in less than 2 minutes??

Well, all it really takes is a little focus, a moment or two to consider the value you bring from the perspective of your leads, and a couple of slick rebuttals to some of the most common objections.

Role Play was ON POINT. So, do yourself a favor and watch the webinar, and the next time someone says "I didn't put my number in there" you'll be able to seamlessly transition to dropping some knowledge and steamroll through it.

Sneak peek below!

IMPORTANT: They submitted a lead for a reason! Even if they're just curious, they're still looking for info! And, unless this was a completely fictitious phone number, there's a good chance they have a connection to the property!

MORE IMPORTANT: It's not your job to close the deal on the first call, it's just to get to the next conversation!

MOST IMPORTANT: If you saw our Hack of the Day, you'll know it's all about providing value and cold hard numbers. Get your cheat-sheet or Cliff's Notes ready because there's a good chance you're in store for a pop quiz on the market every time you pick up that phone.

Now, let's see some of the rebuttals that we covered in class...

I Didn’t Fill Out Any Forms - This one's easy. If you do get in touch with the owner but they didn't fill out the form, here's your chance to tell them ALLLL ABOUT THE BUYER DEMAND in the area. Be sure to let them know that as a local pricing specialist, how much pricing and demand have risen, and that you get asked to provide value opinions for potential buyers often. Then ask them if you can keep them up to date on local pricing or ask them if it's ok to reach out if you do get in touch with the price request culprit.

I Don’t Own The Property - Let's take the scenario in which you get in touch with a renter. The most important thing here is that you don't want to alarm them and that you want them to give you the owner's number. So, if you get in touch with the renter, start by letting them know that this happens all the time, that they may have just entered the wrong information by accident (or this was a tragic case of auto-complete), and that valuations are totally normal requests that may have nothing to do with selling the home. Then find out if they have the correct information and promise that you'll help them out if they run into any RE issues in the future (hint, hint).

How Did You Get My Information - PUNT! There's no sense trying to argue this one... try"I just asked my secretary."

I Knew This Was Going To Happen

I’m Not Interested

I’m Her Mother

I Was Just Curious

I Was Messing Around



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