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Where do you get your leads from?

We have hundreds of landing pages to capture buyer and seller leads. Our advertising and marketing team constantly run new ads in print, TV, Facbook, and Google, among other sources to target the most likely movers. We continuously A/B test new strategies to ensure that we deliver the highest intent leads, directly to you. Our advertising is constantly evolving so that you always stay ahead of the curve.

Will anyone else will recieve these leads?

No! Your leads are yours and are exclusive! And we never give the same lead to more than one agent or brokerage.

While we cannot control whether a buyer or seller fills out lead forms on other sites, we can ensure that when you claim your leads, they're yours and yours alone.

Are these buyer or seller leads?

We generally target homeowners and likely movers who are homeowners, but we often find that sometimes a seller may be a buyer first, or a buyer may be a seller. That's why it's so important to always ask lead qualification questions to understand the true "why?" behind a lead's motivation.

How will I receive my leads?

We send all leads to you via email and SMS, if you choose.

For brokerages, we can also address API integrations.

What time of day will the leads come in?

We find that most leads are submitted from 6:30am - 7:00pm, and the largest concentration around 7pm, but leads can come in at any time of day - day or night.

When will these leads buy or sell?

All leads take time to convert and eLeads are the same. We often see that hot leads will take an average of 270 days from lead to close to convert, but many take over 18-months. The key to all leads is to continually nurture them and be patient.

I'm getting leads from outside of my area...

Our system is programmed to send you leads that only match the areas that you have requested, but as recent policy changes have made it more difficult to strictly target leads by area, we always want to give you a chance to close a deal. Following policy changes in October 2020, both Facebook and Google have implemented advertising policy changes which removes targeting by age, gender, or zip code in housing ads. We do our best to strictly target these areas by other methods, but cannot always ensure that leads will always be within a zip code.

If you are getting "Out of Area" leads, you will have the chance to "Claim" or "Skip" these leads and we will reprocess them for another agent.

Tips & Best Practices

How long do I have to get in touch with a new lead?

Many studies have shown that the best chance at getting in touch with a lead is within the first 60 seconds of submission, but there really is no magic timeline.

As it can often take 5-10 attempts, just to get a lead to respond or to get them on the phone, we highly suggest that you have a system in place to get in touch with the leads within the first 24 hours.
We have also found that the best performing agents will call leads upwards of 5 times within the first 24 hours of the lead coming in.

How often will I have to contact the leads?

Since it often takes 9 months or longer from lead to close, you should have at least 2 different nurture plans that account for hot leads and for warm leads. Some leads may need weekly or monthly check in, while others need a quarterly check in.

Should I call, text, or email?

All three! The best chance to get in touch with a lead is to call, text, and email. We try to provide at least two methods of communication for you to use, but there are also many other ways to market to leads, such as social media and traditional mail.

What if the contact information is incorrect?

We do our best to ensure that the contact information provided is correct, but often leads will avoid filling out correct contact information or fill it out incorrectly, by accident.

If the contact information is incorrect, services like BeenVerified, Spokeo, and the WhitePages can help enrich contact information.

We also provide contact enrichment services in the event that you would like to take advantage of them.

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