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What is AGENT 1?


The concept behind AGENT 1


Is simple: to build a framework for excellence that every agent can apply to grow their business more efficiently and increase top-line production - regardless of the phase of their career.


We believe in skill-mastery and laser-focus on the things that drive revenue and close deals. What we don't believe in are outdated training principles, the "old way" of doing business, and education for the sake of education. 


And, while we know that there is no one-size-fits-all approach, we do know the fundamental skills and things that all top-producing agents have in common and how you can incorporate them into your business. And that is what AGENT 1 focuses on.  

How AGENT 1 is structured

When embarking on the AGENT 1 journey, we want you to learn each skill, before moving on to the next so that you have a strong foundation to grow your business. This is why we have organized our resource center into the three phases of an agents' career, Startup, Sell, and Scale.



This is where we cover the basics to build solid fundamentals and the right foundation.



Whether you've made it to your first closing, or you're a few years into the business. The second phase is where we focus on building predictability and efficiency in your business.



You're crushing it, but, you want to grow bigger, faster, and more efficiently. You want to SCALE - and you've come to the right place to do it.

We also know that you will encounter different job functions at different stages, and that is why we have also categorized all of our content by job functionBecause if you want to be successful in real estate, it is inevitable that you will assume each of these roles at some point in your career, and agents generally encounter them in the same order:  







Once we've covered the skills needed to succeed, we make sure that you put each of them to practice in the real world to refine your skillset. It's one thing to attend a webinar, but quite another to practice in the real world. 

How to succeed with AGENT 1

Attend Live Webinars - Each week we host webinars that are designed to give you a specific skill to take away from each class. These webinars are the most impactful when you attended them live, so that you can get the benefit of asking questions and participating in the role-play. You'll also get the benefit of our Hack of the Day! If you can't make them live, we also record all of our webinars, which you have access to as an AGENT 1 member. 

Marketing Webinar.png

Whether at home or on the go, attending AGENT 1 classes live every Thursday gives you a leg up on the competition

Make The Most Of Our 1-on-1 Coaching - As an AGENT 1 member, you also have access to our full coaching staff for 1 on 1 extra-curricular help. Whether you are looking for a quick 15-minute session or an in-depth business consulting audit, we have coaching packages that can assist you. 


Sign Up for Referrals - One of the biggest perks of membership is priority access to referrals and leads through our partner, Scout. Start off by filling out the referrals form and speaking with one of our transaction coordinators and register to make sure you get the full benefits of AGENT 1.

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Get live updates, referrals, and access to some of the brightest and highest-producing agents, nationwide in an exclusive forum.

Read Our Weekly RE Rundown - Each week, we post a curated collection of real estate news, notes, tips, and tricks. Often, this content is exclusively for AGENT 1 member access. Feel free to use our posts as inspiration or repurpose it to post on your own social media accounts.

Getting started with AGENT 1

The best place to get started is by taking advantage of all of the suggestions in our "How to succeed with AGENT 1" section above and schedule your complimentary 15-minute monthly coaching call. 

We know what it takes to build success - all you need is the willingness and drive, and we'll ensure that your journey is a successful one


The team at AGENT 1

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