Virtual Transactions, Luxury Homes, & A Little Bit of SALT

Real Estate Transactions Go Virtual

Real estate 🏘 transactions have gone largely digital 🖥 as the pandemic has disrupted nearly every aspect of home buying, from house hunting 🕵️‍♂️ to securing a mortgage, getting an appraisal 💲, notarizing documents 📑 and signing the final closing documents.

Six Ways Real Estate Investors Lose By Not Spending

Many of the people who say 💬 "I want to be frugal" don't really want to live frugally. They'd probably be more accurate ✅ to say, "I want to live well." In my experience, they simply don't know about a vehicle 🚘 for wealth 💰 creation like carefully purchased real estate.

Real estate trends to watch for in 2021

We’re in the waning 🌒 days of 2020 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣0️⃣, but the events of this year will have a lasting impact on the real estate market, according to a new white paper 📃 from Lima One Capital. MPA recently chatted with Robert Neely, director of marketing for Lima One, about which trends 📈 real estate investors should watch out for in the coming year 📆.

High-End Real Estate Reigns Supreme as the Most Lucrative Asset Class

While many stalwart industries reel 🎣 from the impact of the global pandemic, the luxury 💍residential real estate market continues to show remarkable resiliency. Fueled ⛽️ by a myriad of factors -- among them, a flight 🛫 from high-density urban 🌇 areas to more suburban, single-family home 🏡 and estate-focused settings -- the world's millionaires 💰(some 47 million strong) have redefined luxury living.

Real estate industry expresses support for Biden’s $15,000 tax credit

The news 🗞 over the weekend that former Vice President Joe Biden is now president-elect elicited positive 👍 reactions from several real estate leaders who saw the upside 🆙 for the housing market. Biden’s housing proposals include a $15,000 first-time homebuyer tax 🧾 credit and he will focus on fair housing and affordable housing 🏡 issues. He is also likely to appoint a new head of the Federal Housing Finance Agency.


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