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The Very Best Real Estate Marketing Emails

We took to Really Good Emails to curate the most upvote worthy real estate marketing emails and drive inspiration for your next campaign.

And while they may not be as good as Adobe's psychedelic marketing campaigns, they've still got some pretty decent style.



Great use of colors and crystal clear CTAs. A bit long, but the important stuff is above the fold. Nicely done.



Great hero image and 2 simple CTAs. What else would you expect from the 800 lbs gorilla?



Great split imagery that caters to different style types. Trulia keeps with the signature green, but the CTA could be larger.



Logo or not, you won't mistake a Compass ad. Great branding from the hottest real estate (tech?) company on the block.


Apartment List

Great use of colors and CTAs. They really play to the emotional real estate drivers. Well done, all around!

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