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FACT: Agents who put off tasks and continually procrastinate make over 26% LESS than their colleagues who get things done…

FACT: Procrastination causes anxiety and stress, and produces lower success and productivity rates…

So, why on earth do we procrastinate when we know that it really is not physically, mentally, and professionally healthy? It happens to all of us at one time or another— The “Tomorrow’s Another Day” syndrome. (Examples: Doing Income Taxes, answering emails, returning calls, doing paperwork, keeping files up to date, learning new technology, working out, etc, etc, etc).

The problem is that our business is a business of ‘RIGHT NOW.’ Our clients expect immediate service. If they don’t get what they “need”, they move on…which translates into us making less money.

What’s the cure? Today I want to share with you 3 tips on how to overcome procrastination. They sound simple because THEY ARE!!!

  1. DO IT NOW!!!! - Let this be your mantra from now on— “I will do it now!!!” I remember when I first learned about prospecting and profit-seeking. The instructor told us to make calls, knock on doors, and get out and talk to people. I went to my desk and found 50 other things to do besides calling my sphere, expireds, and FSBOs… Guess what? No new business!!! The next day I was determined to change this and called about 30 people and BOOOOM - 2 appointments! #JustDoIt

  2. BE A SPEED DEMON!!! - “I will act swiftly!!!” Every action starts with a thought. Often people think of a great idea and take forever to act. But if we get this right and act on our thoughts with speed and efficiency our career takes off. #YouSnoozeYouLose

  3. SEE OBSTACLES AS $$$ MAKING OPPORTUNITIES— “There is no objection I can’t handle or challenge that I cannot overcome!!!” We tend to procrastinate when we come upon things that appear too difficult, scary, or just not ‘fun’ to do. I always say that ‘Procrastination is FEAR in disguise… Successful agents never think “Can’t do”, but rather “Can Do!” They WORK to find the answers, get beyond the barriers, and truly enjoy making the impossible, possible! #NoMeansNotNow

So what are you waiting for??? Get started, do it now, act swiftly and MAKE MONEY $$$… As always, if you need advice or just a gentle ‘push’, we are here for you!!! Have an amazing week—starting now ;-)!!!! #DoTheThing

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