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The most affordable city-like suburbs: Zillow-Yelp study

The suburbs moved into the spotlight 🔦 this spring 🍃 when the coronavirus pandemic untethered office workers 👨‍💼👩‍💼 from big city 🏙 jobs — but bucolic living doesn’t have the same appeal for everyone. A new study shows which affordable U.S. suburbs 🏘 offer the highest-quality urban amenities including restaurants 🍔, nightlife 🍸 and the arts 🎨.

Is It Ever Too Late to Become a Real Estate Investor?

As a general rule 📏, the earlier in life you invest 💵, the more opportunity you'll give yourself to grow wealth 💰. That applies whether you're buying stocks 📊, bonds, or real estate. But if you're wondering whether there's a cutoff age for the latter, the good news is, there isn't. You can actually invest in real estate at any stage of life 👶 . But your approach might differ if you're older 👵.

Real estate prices are about to drop 10%

COVID-19 🦠 is wreaking havoc 🤯 on the real estate market, with hospitality 🏨 and retail taking the biggest hit 📈 , but the news 📰 isn’t universally negative, according to a new forecast 🔮 from the Urban Land Institute and PwC.

4 Reasons Why Students Should Have Basic Real Estate Knowledge

Leasing a building 🏢 for business, owning a home, buying land 🏞, and many other transactions 💲 that are property-related revolve around real estate. Thus, irrespective of your career 👩‍🏭, at some point, you will need real estate professional 🧐 help. There are many laws ⚖️ surrounding ownership of property that will affect you directly.


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