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Pro Athletes, ShowingTime, and Real Estate Sex

Dallas Cowboys ⭐️ offensive lineman 🏋️ William Sweet entered the National Football League 🏟 as an undrafted rookie out of the University of North Carolina, earning a roster spot on the Arizona Cardinals in 2019. Before he ever played in a regular-season game 🏈, he found himself out for the year with a ligament injury 🤕.

Zillow Group said it will pay $500 million 💰 to acquire ShowingTime, a Chicago-based real estate company that sells software 💾 to facilitate home 🏡 showings.

ShowingTime has a network of nearly one million agents across North America 🌎 and facilitated more than 50 million showings 👀 last year. Its software is used by 370 Multiple Listing Services. The 225-person company also produces market reports 🧾.

Phoenix will be America’s second-hottest 🔥 housing market in 2021, topping a list of mostly Sun 😎 Belt 🥋 cities expected to continue heating up faster than the nation’s large coastal markets 🏝, according to a new Zillow survey of experts. Coming in at No. 1 on the list of America’s hottest housing markets in 2021: Austin, Texas 🤠.

Car after car parked next to the snow ☃️ on the side of the road. Families walking on the street or waiting in line in the driveway 🏘. That's the scene in a video recorded by realtor Stacy DiPhillipo at a recent open house in Lancaster. "There were hundreds of people that showed up, and, you know, I had a buyer that I was bringing, and it's frustrating 🤬 because you have to wait hours ⏳ to get in, and sometimes you don't even get in at all," the agent of Lamacchia Realty said.

Ever found yourself up late at night 🌚 scrolling 🤳 through home listings, comparing ⚖️ the marble countertops and steam showers 🚿? Or fantasizing about living in a mansion 🏰 or lakeside property ⛲️ in some far-flung town you have never visited or even heard of 🤷‍♂️? Then you might feel personally victimized by one of the latest sketches from NBC’s “Saturday Night Live.”



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