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Mortgage, Mortgage, Mortgage (and more Mortgage news)!

If you took out a mortgage as recently as a year or two ago, there’s a good chance 🎰 you were cracking open a Budweiser 🍺 to celebrate 🥳 your incredible interest rate. Fast forward ⏩ to today, and home loans are even cheaper. As of this writing ✍️, average rates on a 30-year mortgage are in the sub-3% range, something that seemed unthinkable 🤯 even a decade ago.

If you’re playing the waiting game 🕹 with mortgage rates 📈, you may not want to wait much longer. A new study from Haus, the home-finance startup created by Uber 🚕 co-founder Garrett Camp ⛺️, examined what role seasonality 🍂, loan size, credit scores 💳 and other factors play in the mortgage rates that lenders offer borrowers.

Mortgage rates are currently sitting 🧘‍♀️ at historic lows, so it's a great time ⏰ to apply for a home loan. But if you're misinformed 🤷‍♀️ about mortgages, you could end up paying more 💸 for your loan or losing out on money-saving opportunities. Here are a few mortgage-related myths 🎅 5*you shouldn't buy into.

When you refinance your mortgage 🧾, you replace your existing mortgage with a brand-new 🆕 one. This new mortgage comes with a different interest rate %, monthly 📆 payment, and term length. Refinancing can be a great way to save money 🤑 on your mortgage, but it isn't 🙅‍♂️ for everyone. The pros 👍 and cons 👎 will depend on the terms of your new mortgage.



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