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Nobody knows or remembers you exist unless they “SEE” you. YOU are the best billboard for your brand. Consistent contact, communication, networking and marketing your name/brand/expertise are the main ways to keep your “EXISTENCE” front of mind with your clients (and potential clients). 

STOP being a “secret agent”!!!!

I hear agents all the time saying they just don’t know the best way to keep their brand front and center.  Look at what big brands (think Apple) do… They don’t just do ONE THING, they are always looking for creative ways to send the message that THEY are THE clear choice. You should do the same for your businesses!!!! #DoTheThing

To maintain/initiate contact with clients, you have to be strategic… NO ONE SIZE FITS ALL APPROACH…

Here are some tips to help you do just that, from tried and true, to more creative, unconventional methods:

  • Hand written Thank You and Holiday cards

  • Just Sold/Just Listed cards

  • Memorable closing gifts- Dinners for two are great but they are once and done. Consider something more sustainable, such as an Amazon Alexa device or a SONOS speaker(s).

  • Provide past clients with an abbreviated CMA and note to call you if they want more information.

  • USE YOUR COMPANY PROVIDED TOOLS (CRM’s, mobile apps, your website, etc)

  • Publish your own blog, vlog or digital newsletter with RELEVANT content

  • Host/sponsor/attend an event, fundraiser, client appreciation party.


As always, I am available to help you strategize, but you should also attend all of our wonderful training opportunities and webinars.  

Remember— Learners Are Earners!!! 

Get started NOW and #RockOut the rest of 2020!!!


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