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How Top Producers Set & Exceed Their Goals

Goals Without a Plan are Just a Dream

In business, we all hear that we must have goals. We set the goals, only to be discouraged that we did not reach them… Goals are like New Year Resolutions… Unless you jump into meaningful action to achieve the results you want, the resolution gets abandoned - Results vs Resolutions.

How do the top producers in any industry not only meet but exceed their goals?

Top producers 1) ALWAYS set achievable, realistic goals so they are more likely to accomplish what they want to do/achieve, and 2) they also categorize their goals into (what I have found) a few buckets.

1) Goals you can achieve with relatively little assistance

In this case, you are holding yourself responsible. Activities such as getting up an hour earlier, working out, eating and living a healthy lifestyle, etc…. These are the simple goals…

2) Goals that you feel you must achieve

These goals require more thought and commitment. For example— You want to make more MONEY in 2021… That’s great, but HOW ARE YOU GOING TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN??? What activities will it require? How much time will you need? What training/practice/coaching will you need? What are the daily actionable steps you must take to achieve your goals? How will you measure success? How will you celebrate success????

3) Stretch Goals

These are the innovative growth goals, pushing us to challenge the status quo. I call these the “future-proofing" activities. We all want to remain relevant, but know that in order to do so requires constant reinvention on self. These are the toughest as we all get ‘comfortable’ and sometimes put these goals off to ‘another day’.

For top producers, ANOTHER DAY IS TODAY!!!

I encourage all of you to take an honest look at your career goals and determine if you are doing all you need to meet them… Want help setting your goals or perhaps, need another point of view and/or advice? We are here for you!!!


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