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How to handle any buyer or seller objection

Far too often as real estate agents, we get pushbacks from prospects that we perceive as being a dead end. How many times have you heard...

The market is way too hot and my offer can't compete!

I'm not ready to move, and besides, where would I go?

Well, if Chris Voss #FBImasternegotiator knows anything about negotiating (and we think he does) then we'll take him at his word that every objection is actually an opportunity to make a sale.

So, how do turn objections into sales opportunities?

Here's a quick framework for handling any objection.

1) Group their objection into one of four categories (Need, Budget, Urgency, or Trust) - and acknowledge their circumstance.

Letting the prospect know that we understand what is preventing them from moving forward allows us to help them!

2) Paraphrase their objection.

You won't want to parrot or mimic them, and you certainly don't want to tell them that it sounds like they have "trust issues." Paraphrasing will help you convey that you care and are listening. It will also let them open up!

3) Craft your rebuttal in the negative.

This may sound counter-intuitive, but every prospect wants to be in control and be given the option to say no.

Next time you speak with someone who tells you the market is too hot, try asking them "You wouldn't want to miss out on your dream home just because prices are rising, would you?"



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