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How To Build Your Real Estate Brand

Building a brand takes time and energy. It's one of the most important tasks when making the transition from a successful agent to a business owner or team leader.

But, the endless possibilities are often enough to stop us dead in our tracks.

We've explored the framework that some of the largest and most successful companies use when making brand decisions. And don't forget to watch the Intro to Branding Webinar where we go into depth and help you break it down step-by-step!

1) Craft your Mission Statement

It may seem basic, but at minimum, your Mission Statement will help your team members understand your common goals and help them communicate them to clients and partners

2) Build your Business Model Canvas

Your Business Model Canvas is your entire business, in a nutshell. If you don't have this, you're lost. This will help you define your acquisition strategies, referral partners, their values, and who your typical consumers are.

3) Write Down Your Brand Platform

Here we define the entire brand and our 3 Pillars. What we do, How we do it, and Why it matters. We'll also define the Voice and Tone that our brand takes on. Are we elite, or democratic, relatable or transparent?

4) Build Your Brand Assets

Here's the fun part - where all of your work comes together. This is where the creative side kicks in to choose logos, colors, fonts, formats, and templates that resonate with your business model and your consumer.


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