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Digital Marketing, Sneaky Agents, & A Winter Market

With COVID infection rates exploding 🧨 and hospitalization 🏥 rates rising as we go into the cold 🥶 winter months, the risk this poses to our recovering 🤕 housing market is a question 🧐 that should be addressed. In a previous article, I identified infection 🧫 rates during the winter ❄️ months as one of the economy’s 💹 high-risk variables.

For most people, real estate agents are a necessary part of buying or selling a house 🏡. They know the industry inside and out and make the task a lot easier for you. But as with any special service or skill you pay 💵 for, what you don’t know can cost 💸 you. Some real estate agents are terrific 🙌. But others can be a bit sneaky 😏. Here are five 5️⃣ things you should know 🤓 about how at least some real estate agents behave.

In just a matter of months 📆 the coronavirus pandemic dramatically changed the landscape 🌄 of the housing market, especially in big cities 🌃. But now news 🗞 of a promising vaccine 💉 could turn the market on its head 🙃 again.

From direct mail 📬 to “sold by” signs, marketing has always been vital for agents, brokers and other real estate pros to get their name out there 📣. However, as the industry continues to embrace the digital 👾 world, many professionals are looking 👀 to increase ↗️ their digital marketing efforts💪.



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