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How to boost your productivity!

Always looking for ways to boost your productivity? Congratulations! Welcome to the club! All great salespeople are constantly thinking about the next or new approaches to revenue generation.

The good news is that keeping a revenue stream flowing is totally doable. You just need to adopt a few simple productivity strategies…

  1. Identify your most productive time(s) of the day. Make sure that all the activities that require the most brain bandwidth are done during these optimal times.

  2. Plan out tomorrow’s schedule tonight. When we write down what we intend to do, we’re far more likely to actually do it. Can you say checklists?

  3. Rituals. Rituals. Rituals. Make sure you have systems in place for EVERYTHING you do during your workday…#everything

  4. Don’t let your eyes be bigger than your stomach. Many salespeople overbook themselves, and then end up being late for appointments, or worse yet- totally distracted because you cannot focus on the task at hand (worrying about getting to the next appointment) If your calendar looks full, consciously add free time in between appointments. You can use this time as a productive time between meetings to tackle unexpected tasks, make calls or just relax.

Try at least one of these strategies this week and make note of the difference it makes… Being productive is a choice not to be left to chance… As always, we got your back!


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