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Are Agents Endangered? How Hot Can Austin Get? Plus, A Presidential Boost For Buyers!

Anyone looking 👀 to buy a home today is likely frustrated 😡 by sky-high ⛅️ prices and slim pickings. But President-elect Joe Biden, who takes office 🇺🇸 Wednesday, will aim to ease those issues as he gears ⚙️ up to implement his plans 📄 for the housing market.

The U.S. housing market withstood the test 📝 of a global health 🩺 and economic crisis in 2020 as people 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 adjusted their behaviors and made real estate 🏡 purchases, a trend 💹 that will continue to move markets 📈 in the years to come, according to The Agency, a real estate brokerage headquartered in Los Angeles 🌴.

I saw a social media 📱 post recently by our local ‘mega-agent’ entitled: “Breaking News: 📰 Individual Real Estate agents added to Endangered Professions List!” This post compares the individual real estate agent to “a tennis 🎾 player using a wooden racket 🏸” or “a football 🏈 player with a leather helmet.” The individual agent is on life support 🚑, it exclaims. Total nonsense 🤥. Here’s an entirely different perspective.

After outpacing all other large markets by the end of 2020, Austin’s housing market is again expected to be the nation’s hottest 🔥 in 2021, leading a list of mostly Sun ☀️ Belt cities 🌆 expected to continue heating up 🥵 faster than the nation’s large coastal 🏝 markets. The booming Texas 🐂 destination heads a lineup of sunny and relatively affordable 💵 metro areas — Phoenix, Nashville, Tampa and Denver — that are most likely to outperform the nation in home value growth 📊, according to a panel of economists 🧐 and real estate experts recently surveyed by Zillow.



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