Lead Generation

IMPORTANT: Please schedule a time to speak with our team before purchasing this option.


Includes one custom landing page. 


Pricing includes:*

  • $200 monthly setup and maintenance fee for Buyer Campaigns
  • $250 monthly setup and mantenance fee for Seller Campaigns
  • $300 monthly setup and mantenance fee for Buyer & Seller Campaigns



  • 4-Month minimum term to run these advertising campaigns


* Cost savings for setup and maintenance fees on longer contracts.

Lead Generation

Campaign Type
Monthly budget
Price Options
$200.00monthly/ 4 months
$125.00monthly/ 12 months
  • Lose your dependency on third-party lead gen services and take control of your destiny.

    This plan includes set-up for one Facebook advertising campaign, including:

    Ad Copy


    Demographics Targeting

    Best practices to set yourself up for success.


"Excellent source, knowledgeable, intelligent, and talented!"

Laura is brilliant and her approach is super effective. She is skilled at tailoring sessions to specific needs as well as ensuring industry relevance. Laura delivers a passionate, empowering message that drives action and results. Her coaching has made a significant difference in my new business close rate and my overall approach to leadership and client service.

Wendy Z.

Agent, Huntington Beach

Awesome training today on all of the new broker tools, with all-time great Michael Ehrlich! This team is hot, up to date, and gets you excited! Thanks, Laura and Mike- looking forward to 2.0!

Stephanie J.

Agent, Los Angeles

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